I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost by MissyM

I have always said that I don't believe in ghosts, but because of my son today in my heart of hearts know that I am lying.
In 2006 my Mother and I moved into an old barn house that had been converted into a duplex with a newer living room/bedroom attachment on the back. My room was upstairs in the original part of the house and my Mother's on the main floor of the attachment. When we moved in there was a bed left in my room that we had to destroy in order to get it down the stairs. The bed was placed about a foot off the wall (I placed my bed right against the wall.)

Before I was pregnant I had witnessed lights flickering, turning off and on by themselves but always chalked it up to old wiring. Then 4 years ago while I was pregnant with my son I started waking up always between 2:45 and 3:30am hearing a woman murmuring from the vacant second bedroom upstairs. Again I chalked it up to old house moans and groans.
The first time I saw the elderly women I was asleep, only it felt so real I could have sworn I was awake. I was lying in my bed and heard a noise so I sat up to see a round stumpy woman at my bedroom door. Her movement was staggered and as fast as I saw her at the door she was in my face trying to swat me. I fell backwards in a panic and landed in a one foot space between the wall and my bed. Instantly waking up shaking uncontrollably just after 3am. It scared me so badly I was no longer comfortable sleeping in my room. I moved myself from then on out to the couch downstairs in the newer part of the house.
About a month later while I was asleep on the couch I had awoke again sat up and looked into the kitchen (which was in the original part of the house) to see the same women sitting at the table staring at me. I lied back down and she was gone.
The reason I am writing this is because I had never experienced anything ghostly like that before I became pregnant with my son and haven't had anymore experiences like that now after having him. But my son however is going to be 3 and can speak especially well for his age. He has been hearing and seeing things that he likes to tell Mommy about. Recently we have moved into a older home and my son has told me that there is a man knocking on the door downstairs on 2 different occasions but this doesn't scare him (he still likes to play downstairs).
There is a rabbit however that he calls "ghost bunny" who terrifies him. Always telling mommy where it is ("ghost bunny's upstair" or "ghost bunny is hiding in the corner"). Also, I was always very close to my Grandmother who passed way in 2004. My Mother and I have never talked to my son about my Grandmother (mostly because we miss her and it hurts still) about a month ago while shopping, my son out of the blue told me that "Mamere Bea" was in my heart and she missed me. My heart sank and I asked him if he had seen Mamere Bea but he just kept telling me that "Mamere here..." and pointed to my heart. It was a odd thing for a 2 year old to say. How would he know to say something like that? Also last night he asked to keep the light on in his room. When questioned he said that someone keeps saying "hello" and it scares him when the lights are off.
Again, I still tell people I don't believe in ghosts but with everything that I'm witnessing its getting harder and harder to tell my son that there is no man knocking on the basement door.


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